Yet another dev org.

Our Projects

Here are some of the projects we're working on - Hover over them to see more info


A place for all things Minecraft, including server hosting, and various resources.


The last Discord bot you need, Cactie. Moderation, Fun, QOL, Utilities, and More!


A silly little moon themed bot. Interactions, Utilities, Fun!

Nether Depths

Surpass the limits of the Nether. A former Minecraft server which shut down and turned into a community Discord server


Discord Bot for server hosts, devs, and admins. Analyzes timings reports & uploads text files to a bin.

Luminescent Transcript

A Discord message transcript viewer. (Not public yet, specifically made for Cactie)

Burgers on Fleek

Not exactly a project- but if you live in Ontario, this burger spot is amazing guaranteed you will love it, (sab made the website)


Here are our profiles

Saboor (@saboor.)

Hey my name's saboor, you can call me sab, I mainly work on a Discord bot named Cactie & make websites like this one and Birdflop, I am also a Culinary Arts student at NAIT and want to be a chef for a living.

bwmp (@akiradev)

Hey my name's Oli/bwmp/Akira, I mainly work on VRChat things, Discord bots like Lumin, Basement Bot, and websites like Birdflop.